1. Who are you? Just a guy living in Texas. (Not a Texan though.)
  2. What qualifies you to be a book reviewer? I am literate in the English language. (Besides “Opinions are like ...”)
  3. What good is your review to me?
    1. I will be reading you book.
    2. It will be an unbiased review.
    3. I will give the book a recommendation - good or bad.
    4. You can link to my review from your website, your Facebook page, etc.
    5. It will be a good source for blurbs.
  4. When will you review my book? Please read my Submission Guidelines.
  5. Where will the book review be published? Here on this site, Shelfari, goodreads, LibraryThing, and Anobi
  6. How much do you charge? My reviews are free. (And you will get your money's worth.)
  7. How do you make money off this site? I don't make any money here. I don't ask for any donations and I don't run any ads on my sites. (I suppose Goggle is tracking you here but they track you everywhere. I can't stop that.)
  8. Why are you reviewing books for free? I am trying to make a name, build a brand, and I enjoy reading.
  9. How do I submit a book? Please read my Submission Guidelines.

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